Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lydia's Lechon

To all the balikbayan's out there if you happen to arrive or to depart at Ninoy Aquino International Airport you might want to eat a Lechon first and dine-in at Lydia's Lechon it is located at 551 Service Road, Roxas Blvd. Baclaran, ParaƱaque City.

Lechon is the Spanish name for pig, in the Philippines it means a spit-roasted pig. Lechon (in Tagalog litson) is a roasted whole pig cooked in charcoal. Lechon is prepared by stuffing the inside of the animal with herbs and vegetables. The pigs are slowly hand roasted on top of charcoal for hours till their skin turn reddish brown and the inside flesh becomes tender. The dish is often served with a thick liver sauce cooked with vinegar, sugar and herbs.

Anyways here are some photo's taken at Lydia's Lechon Restaurant. A Lechon, Creamy Chicken Mushroom and a free Bulalo soup is our menu for that night. The Lechon costs 700 Pesos/Kilo at Lydia's Lechon not cheap but worth it. If your looking for a cheaper price of Lechon go to Telabastagan, Sn. Fernando Pampanga you'll find them there.

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